Building a meaningful and working communication channel with the CET alumni community

By admin Jan 25, 2020 - 10:20

When we go after something as ambitious as building an engaged community of 45000+ people we have to break down the task into meaningful pieces that we can put in place systematically. One of the first pieces that we are trying to put in place is a meaningful communication channel.

What are we trying to do?

We are looking to establish a meaningful communication channel that will

  • Establish the ability to communicate with a large percentage of the alumni
  • Deliver value to the alumni through the communication itself
  • Invite the alumni to engage meaningfully around the communication

So where do we start?

We believe that people will have different preferences on what mediums, tools they will use to communicate. We will therefore ultimately have to establish different mediums & tools for communication with everybody. We, however, believe that Facebook would a good medium to start with building our communication channel. With that in mind we have started our activities around the following Facebook page

What are we doing there with the Facebook page?

At the moment we are focusing on two things

  1. Collecting and sharing alumni news - We are currently collecting and sharing news about alumni, about alumni chapters, about alumni groups through the page.
  2. Conducting and sharing alumni interviews - We are conducting interviews of alumni and sharing the videos of these interviews through the page.

How can YOU help?

  • You can help in this initiative by liking the page and keeping on top of the content that we share through the page.
  • You can help by sharing and engaging with the content so that we are able to reach even more alumni through your network.
  • You can help in spreading the word about this initiative through your CET Whatsapp groups and directly to your CETian friends.
  • You can help by contributing news and content we can share through the page.
  • You can help by volunteering with the initiative. Reach out to us to know more ways of helping out.

Do reach out to us (Anoop John or Tarun Udayaraj) if you have any questions or if you would like to know more. 

Thanks in advance for all your help!