Breaking down the problem of 45000+ into manageable chunks

By admin Mar 29, 2019 - 10:30

The number 45000+ is a very daunting number. At the same time that number is the reason why this effort is totally worthwhile. However we still have to put in effort to identify, locate and find contact information of these many people. So how are we going to do this?

We have the following plan of action for pursuing this.

  1. Divide the 45000 into groups corresponding to the different years and the different batches for these years. There is some uncertainty about batch sizes and start dates of batches but we can more or less come up with some way to start doing this
  2. Identify multiple people in each of these classes to act as Key Contacts who can take the responsibility to reach out to their classmates and batchmates to compile their information and add them to the database
  3. Iteratively fill up the list of Key Contacts so that we have coverage across years and across batches
  4. Work closely with the Key Contacts and put in the manual effort to reach out to people and collect and compile contact information
  5. Reach out to chapters and have chapters work on geography based reach out to fill in the gaps

LHS=RHS. Hence Proved :)

Inputes? Comments?