Setting out on an ambitious Initiative to find all 45000+ CET Alumni

By admin Mar 29, 2019 - 10:31

This is a very ambitious initiative to identify and locate all the CET alumni out there. At the moment there is no consensus on the exact number of alumni who have graduated from CET but the general opinion is that it is a number upwards of 45000.

The site has been set up specifically around this initiative. We are looking to do this in a collaborative manner and tap into the goodwill and effort of CET alumni out there who are willing to help in this initiative. Do reach out if you are willing to help.

The system is set up to run independent campaigns which can individually be promoted and run by different groups of alumni who have vested interest in such campaigns. For example CETAA Chennai chapter would primarily be interested in running a campaign in finding CET alumni in Chennai and so on.

At the moment Campaigns are set up in a geography-centric way but we can set up campaigns around graduating years or classes. This will also allow different groups of people to take leadership in running and completing different campaigns independently and collectively we will be able to collect information about the superset of alumni out there.

We are also looking to run a master campaign - - which is to be used to collect information about CET alumni anywhere in the world.

The initiative is led by two CET alumni - Anoop John, 2001 E&C and Tarun Udayaraj, 2014 Mech. The initiative is also supported by other alumni volunteers and leaders across the world.  We are also looking for more volunteers to actively promote and run this campaign. If you are interested please reach out to us through the contact form in this website.