Building a meaningful and working communication channel with the CET alumni community

When we go after something as ambitious as building an engaged community of 45000+ people we have to break down the task into meaningful pieces that we can put in place systematically. One of the first pieces that we are trying to put in place is a meaningful communication channel.

Setting out on an ambitious Initiative to find all 45000+ CET Alumni

This is a very ambitious initiative to identify and locate all the CET alumni out there. At the moment there is no consensus on the exact number of alumni who have graduated from CET but the general opinion is that it is a number upwards of 45000.

The site has been set up specifically around this initiative. We are looking to do this in a collaborative manner and tap into the goodwill and effort of CET alumni out there who are willing to help in this initiative. Do reach out if you are willing to help.

Breaking down the problem of 45000+ into manageable chunks

The number 45000+ is a very daunting number. At the same time that number is the reason why this effort is totally worthwhile. However we still have to put in effort to identify, locate and find contact information of these many people. So how are we going to do this?

We have the following plan of action for pursuing this.

Defining the definition of the superset of CET alumni

Although there is a vague understanding about the total number of alumni who would have graduated from CET there is still no clear understanding about what is the exact number of students who have gone through the educational institution. There is no formal mechanism to find this although there are some official records and registers that we can potentially access to get some information around this.