Key Contacts

Reaching out to 45000+ alumni is a gargantuan task in itself. The complexity of not having any contact information of almost 90% of this audience to start with makes this a very difficult task as well. However as engineers we know that we will be able to find a solution to the problem once we define the problem and break down the problem.

So this is how we are proposing to do this. First, we break down the problem into a problem of finding contact information of people in different classes / batches. Then,

  1. Identify Key Contacts in each of these classes / batches
  2. Reach out to the Key Contacts and get their help to reach out and find contact information of their classmates / batchmates
  3. When identified Key Contacts are not able to put in time either due to a willingness issue or due to an ability or availability issue we go back to step 1 to identify another / more Key Contacts. Possibly get help from that person to identify another alternative person from the same class / batch
  4. Repeat steps 2-4 for all the classes / batches

Our first objective therefore is to identify Key Contacts for the different classes / batches.

We need your help

Now that you have gotten this far, we need your help

Please use the following form to submit information about people you think would be able to help reach out to their classmates / batchmates. Do not worry about whether they will be able to or would be willing to help. We will reach out to them and confirm that.

Add a Key Contact

You can see the current list of Key Contacts here

Thanks in advance for your help!