Data Security and Privacy

This is an initiative to collect and compile the information of all the CET alumni who are out there. We understand the importance of keeping the data that we collect secure and limit the access to the data that we collect. We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions and answers for the same around data security and privacy for this initiative.

Q) Is the website secure?

Yes, the website uses the same platform that powers IRS and will be kept updated with all the relevant security updates. The site uses secure communications using HTTPS and your data is sent using secure communication protocols

Q) Who has access to the data?

There are two parts to the data that you submit on the site. One part corresponds to the batch and location information of the alumni and the other part corresponds to the contact information of the alumni. The batch and location information of alumni are already publicly visible on platforms like LinkedIn and is essential to be visible to other alumni as we collaboratively build the alumni database.

The contact information part of the data is kept private and is available only to CETAA, the relevant CETAA chapter and to the key contact from your batch who is volunteering to compile the contact information of your batch. The data is also available to the technical team running the website and that is covered under the listed privacy policy. Please read the FlockForge privacy policy to see details of our privacy policy and how we apply that in relation to data collected for the different associations. The same set of overarching policies apply here as well.

Q) Why should key contacts be able to see the data?

The key contacts for each batches will be able to access and update the contact information of their batchmates. As explained in the article on why key contacts, we will need to work collaboratively to complete this gargantuan task of reaching out to 45000+ people whose bearings are more or less unknown centrally. So key contacts are going to have to play a key role in adding, editing and updating the information of their batchmates and in the process help build the complete database.

Q) Will you share this information with any third party?

No, your data will only be shared with CETAA and your local Chapter.

Q) Will you be sending marketing emails?

The objective of building the alumni database is to drive better engagement among alumni and also between the alumni, the parent association and through the chapters. As part of that you will likely receive emails from the association and the chapters but you will be able to get off the mailing lists if you prefer to not get emails.