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Building the database of 45000+ alumni, literally starting from scratch, is a lot of effort. It is realistically not possible to set out on such an initiative without dedicated manpower doing this on a sustained manner. We have decided to go after this and we are setting up a dedicated team of people who will be doing this full time.

The team will be working exclusively for building the CET alumni database. In addition they will also be helping alumni chapters and batches in organizing events and conducting activities that will in turn increase alumni networking and build better exposure for the the database building initiative.

The team is expected to be taking care of the following activities

  1. Work on building the CET alumni database
  2. Help in identifying enough CET alumni in locations where there are initiatives to start new chapters. Eg: New York, Dallas, Toronto, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Hyderabad
  3. Support existing chapters in identifying and reaching out to more alumni in their locations
  4. Support chapters and batches in helping reaching out to alumni and organizing alumni gettogethers and events
  5. Compile alumni news and build visibility through focused promotional activities on the internet.
  6. Help chapters with generating and managing content on the chapter websites and for their newsletters.
  7. Help batches in organizing batch get-togethers

We are looking to start with a team of 3 people to do this and we are looking at a monthly operating cost of USD 1000. If you are interested in supporting this initiative please use the button below to commit to a monthly payment to support the initiative. The payments will be routed through FlockForge Inc, the startup founded by Anoop John and Tarun Udayaraj, the people leading this initiative.

Thanks in advance for your support

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Check out what we have been doing

Over the last 2 years we have been self funding this initiative and we have been supporting for free the following CETAA chapters -

  • CETAA Trivandrum
  • CETAA Kochi
  • CETAA Mumbai
  • CETAA Delhi
  • CETAA Chennai
  • CETAA Bangalore

We have also been helping organize events and gettogethers for chapters and alumni groups. Check out and like the page to keep on top of this initiative. Please share to your friends as well.


A report on support received so far (Updated: Feb 05, 2020)

Currently Monthly Recurring Payment: $200

The following are the generous alumni who have donated to this initiative so far. Thank you for the support.

  1. Saji Philip - 1986, ECE
  2. C. K. Thomas - 1987, AEI
  3. Lata Hariharan - 1989, EEE
  4. Anoop John - 2001, ECE
  5. Nitin Kumar - 1997, Mech
  6. Anish Sreedhar - 2001, ECE
  7. Sony George - 1995, ECE
  8. Shefali Sarwal - 2001, ECE

We will be updating this report on a monthly basis. Thank you once again for your support in this initiative.