The Initiative

CET Front View

CET being one of the oldest colleges in Kerala has generated a good number of successful engineers. The total alumni strength of CET is believed to be around 45000 taken from the year in the which the college was constituted.

CET alumni is spread across the world in diverse career roles from engineers, scientists, technocrats, architects, CXOs, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs all the way to medical doctors (Yes! there is an alumni who switched to medicine). Such a diverse and large network of alumni is a massive asset for each of us in the alumni community. There is only a caveat though, the network does not exist yet or at least in the way it would become an asset to everybody in the community.

Reaching out and finding 45000+ alumni is indeed a gargantuan task but as engineers we know that will be able to find a way to do it. Yes, that is what we are trying to do. We are trying to find all these CET alumni spread across the world and build the database of these alumni.

So who are we? We are a team of passionate CET alumni spread across the world who are trying to go after this ambitious goal of compiling the database of all CET alumni who are alive. We have a team of volunteers across the world who are supporting this initiative. The initiative is led by Anoop John (2001) and Tarun Udayaraj (2014) and is supported by FlockForge Solutions, a startup founded by CET alumni Anoop John (2001) and Tarun Udayaraj (2014).

This initiative would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of a lot of passionate CET alumni who have been helping us in reaching out to other CET alumni and helping spread the message and work towards building the database. We also rely on Key Contacts for the different batches and years who have been compiling information about their batches and adding them to the database.

FlockForge Solutions is supporting the initiative both on the infrastructure front and on the manpower front. The site runs on the alumni platform developed by FlockForge. In addition they also actively drive the initiative by setting up a dedicated team of resources to work on the initiative. The team of resources coordinates activities with volunteers across the world and supplements that with direct alumni reach-out initiatives.

FlockForge Solutions is not charging CETAA or CET for the effort or the platform. To make this into a sustainable effort we will need to raise funds to fund the full time team of resources working on this initiative. We are looking to get this through recurring donations from alumni who are willing to contribute financially to this initiative.

If you would like to volunteer in this initiative do reach out to either Anoop John or Tarun Udayaraj or use the contact form on this website.

Note: We make sure that your data is secure. Please read through our privacy policy.