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  • Alumnus Dinesh Venugopal appointed as CEO of PK

    Shri. Dinesh Venugopal has been appointed the CEO of PK, the digital services firm that helps brands develop a great reputation. A results-oriented business leader and innovator, Venugopal brings more than 25 years of management and digital services industry experience to PK. Shri. Venugopal is an alumnus of the Mechanical batch of 1990. His expertise speaks volumes and has been instrumental in transforming the growth of the business sector. His operational excellence will surely accelerate future developments of PK. Congratulations, Shri. Dinesh Venugopal!

  • CETians donate COVID Care Robot to Trivandrum Medical College

    CET’s 2018-20 batch of Robotics and Automation students donated a Covid Care Robot to Trivandrum Medical College which will help assist healthcare professionals in their fight against Covid. The robot makes use of Autonomous Navigation and can also be controlled by a joystick. The robot also dispenses hand sanitiser in the non-contact method. The robot also offers telemedical services. The team that headed the creation of this robot are Sanjuna Mariam Mathews, Ajmal M, Harikrishnan K, Rojin Philip Reji, and Arun Shankar.

  • CET alumnus wins State Award for Best Sync Sound

    Shri. Harikumar Madhavan Nair has been awarded the ‘Best Sync Sound’ in the 50th Kerala State Awards. The award has been granted for his work for the movie Kani. His previous works include Sexy Durga and Unmathiyude Maranam, for which he has been applauded for capturing natural sounds. Congratulations, Shri. Harikumar! Attaining such a prestigious award is just one of the many milestones he is sure to achieve!

    Shri. Harikumar Madhavan Nair is an alumnus from the batch of 1988.

  • CET alumnus along with faculty achieves patent

    Dr. Jino Joy Thomas, a former research scholar of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering department, under the guidance of Dr. S Ushakumar, former Profession and Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering during 2015-2018, has received a patent for the invention titled High Power Geared Electrical Vehicle. As this CET community widens each year, so does the achievements and milestones we acquire. Congratulations to these go-getters! Here’s to attaining greater heights and many more such patents!

  • CET Alumnus Lata Hariharan nominated for Women in Business Award

    One of the nominees of the Women in Business Awards by the Orange County Business Journal holds the name of a very capable woman who hails from CET. Lata Hariharan is a nominee along with several other women who are shining entrepreneurs. She is the President and Co-Founder of Svast. Inc., which aims to bring high quality healthcare at affordable rates to people across the world.

  • CET Ranks first in Academic Performance Index of B.Tech 

    Academic Performance Index of B.Tech in A.P.J Abdul Kalam University, 2016-2020 batch ranks College of Engineering, Trivandrum as the top college. In the first position, CET offers a wide range of facilities that ensures a student’s academic growth. With guidance from teachers and mentorship from alumni, a student at CET does not miss out on good research prospects and great job opportunities! Alumni across the world have benefitted from their life at CET and that speaks volumes of the environment and coaching that CET provides.

  • Video by 1985 batch of Electrical Engineering 

    The 1985 batch of Electrical Engineering from CET got together for a virtual meet. They have come up with a video of their fondest memories as students in CET. The video accounts the 35 students from that batch and the fields they are associated in now. Their achievements, their best moments and the hurdles they crossed to become the well rounded human beings they are today. Reminiscing the good old days, here is a short yet sweet video from the batch of 1985, shared by alumnus Radha KP.

  • CET receives two awards in Efficycle 2020

    Team Farrago represents College of Engineering, Trivandrum in the National level Efficycle event conducted by SAE India Northern Section. This virtual event was conducted over three months. The evaluations were conducted by the officials of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. CET has bagged 2 out of 5 awards in the Efficycle event and a cash price of Rs. 10,000. Congratulations, Team Farrago, on this brilliant accomplishment! CET is proud of this achievement.

  • CET receives new patent

    Another moment to celebrate for CET! A patent has been granted for the invention titled “An Automated Duct based Wall Climbing Device” by Praveen Shekhar and Lia Joseph, alumni of the 2014 batch of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. Prof. Reshmi Bhooshan, the faculty member who mentored them, has played a key role in achieving this patent. Prof. Reshmi Bhooshan is also an alumnus of the 2001 batch of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. Congratulations to these driven engineers who bring glory to the name of CET!