E4H : A Sustainable Solution by CETian Shine Divakaran

By admin Jul 17, 2020 - 12:54

Eat for Health (E4H)  is an initiative that aims to popularise locally sourced, sustainably produced foods. Aiming to bridge the gap between the food we consume and the producers of these foods, E4H tries to reinstate the lost connection with nutrition and wellness which has led to poor physical and mental health in our communities. Launching a successful community of sustainable farming with a goal of educating India’s urban population of the need for local produce, E4H has an inspiring goal of cultivating on 1 acre land with one farmer, for 60 members that join this marvellous NGO. One of the larger objectives while maximising the health of an individual is the livelihood of farmers in India. Providing them with better opportunities while the focus has moved onto market quality crop is a gamechanger in a country like India. 

Sowing the seeds for a healthy culture and lifestyle is the founder of this NGO, Shri. Shine Divakaran. He was working at UST Global, before his health had deteriorated, forcing him to become more health conscious. His newfound knowledge prompted him to start an NGO. He is also an alumnus of the 1993 batch of CET. A brilliant initiative, Shine Divakaran is a much needed positive trendsetter in a world where eating healthy is a rare sight. 

Visit https://www.e4hnow.com/