Felicitation of UPSC Civil Service 2019 Achievers

By admin Aug 25, 2020 - 16:20

From the annals of CET rises some of the greatest go-getters that the nation will see. Clearing the service, some of our very own alumni have qualified for the UPSC Civil Services. Leaders who will bear the torch that takes the country forward, our alumni are already changemakers in our eyes. CETAA and the faculty of CET together held a felicitation meeting online to honour these achievers who will make a mark in India’s history. The candidates who qualified for UPSC include:

Aman Chandran , EEE 2017, AIR 197
Gopu R Unnithan, CS 2012 , AIR 346
Arjun C Nilambur, AE 2012, AIR 349
Smilna Sudhakar, ECE 2012, AIR 458
Hassan Usaid N A, CE 2012, AIR 542
Mridul Darshan, EEE 2018, AIR 622

Wishing them luck, abundance, and the determination to attain higher achievements, the CET community celebrates your victory. Congratulations to all these alumni!