CET’99 - Exorcising the Ghosts of S9

By admin Aug 8, 2019 - 12:21

Yes, S9 is done, accept it, wake up and move on. 197 CETians, spouses and countless kids (all accounted for), TEAM S9….take a bow.

CET was and is always about inclusivity. The S9 batch has a humongous turnover. And the rest is CET tradition.

We checked in at UDS (Udaya Samudra Resort) on Indian Stretchable Time. The Civilians rose to the challenge and were extremely civil about it. Mechs moved in with machine like precision, Electricals raised a spark here and there, Tele had their communications going, Archi got their designs spot on and the Computers logged in sans issues. the noon hours passed in a jiffy with lunch and networking. Photo session was at 4.30 evening after chaaya and kadi…we are set to roll by 5.00 pm. FOUR  hours of in house talent ensued-songs, skits, dances, performances, the paid DJ scratched his head and asked “Saar, njan nikkkana, ponaaaa?” And after all those mesmerizing cultural events and single malts- we called it a night. The Sangeet Darbar continued at the poolside. 


The next day saw CET’99 check out and then take a ride to college. 3 college buses, 197 CETians. The Principal and CETAA rep spoke in length about what we as CETians can do for college and for the society at large. We shared some anecdotes, made a plea for some of our own struggling batch mates, we promised to make a better tomorrow and better outcomes for all. Which in essence I would encapsulate in a movie dialogue…”The strong shall help the weak”. Quoted it just because the Director, Lal Jose, is a CETian.


S9, didn’t end there. We had a panel discussion with entrepreneurs and tech wizards amongst us to figure out the CET gene of success, amidst a traditional Sadya lunch. We further tested everyone’s mettle over a lemon and spoon, inside a sack  that jumps and on the business side of a giant vadam/kambam (rope as seen in AADU movie). The pictures are priceless, the experience is indelible and those 2 days, unaccountable. We rocked S9, we are CET '99 and we are just getting started!! 


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(Batch of 99, EEE)