IDAM - Parallel Narratives

By admin Aug 20, 2019 - 18:18

'Celebrating Idam


We, the 2014 - 2019 batch of Department of Architecture, College of Engineering Trivandrum, are successfully graduating from this institution, with content and joy.

As a part of our graduation, we conducted a workshop, IDAM- Parallel Narratives, where selected students from the second and third year were divided into groups headed by junior architects and mentored by a professional. The idea was to open up multiple perspectives to the students and to enhance their way of looking at things. This was an exercise that helped us to include the points that we as architects, often missed out. 


We had experts like Mr. Krishna Chandran Nair for animation, Dr. Anitha V for Ecological Economics, Mr Alekh Ajayaghosh for photography, Prof. Ajayakumar for Arts, Mr. T D Ramakrishnan for literature and Mr. Sam George for theatre. They were here for three days, taking a break from their busy schedules. The theme for the workshop was ‘Rethinking the human relationship with water’, and each group was assigned different sites like Veli, Aakkulam, a site along Karamana River, Shankhumugham, Sree Varaham Temple Pond and Puthenkotta burial ground along the banks of Killi river. The sites are significant hotspots on the water map of Trivandrum.


Being an experimental approach and the first of its kind, the result of the workshop was absolutely unpredictable. However, the outcome was a sweet reward to the ones who had toiled, bestowing their heart and soul, for the realization of this workshop. It was nothing short of magical. The platform, we hope enabled the students to understand their true calibre. The feedbacks of the mentors and architects were also valuable in guiding the students through the process, to the final product.


We were constantly guided by Ar. Jinoj M, Ar. Thomas Oommen and Ar. Rajshree Rajmohan, who was also the moderator for the event. Without them this would not have materialized, their efforts were beyond expectations, and we take this platform to thank them, and also to thank all the people who were keen to extend their help in all possible ways.  We genuinely hope that this act of giving a part of our learning back to the juniors and the alma mater would continue and grow to a greater scale in the years to come. '

Written by:

Nanditha Manoj
Architecture (2014 - 2019)