Eco-friendly Onam Celebration

By admin Sep 16, 2019 - 17:02

CET Alumnus and current Principal of the KSID, Manoj Kini motivated his students to come up with an eco-friendly Onam celebration on their campus in Kollam and to learn to use the coconut fronds and revive the art of using them for decorations. 

There were a few hiccups, beginning with the difficulty of procuring the leaves but Manoj encouraged and facilitated his students to come up with a ‘green Onam’ that would derive inspiration from traditional Onam celebrations of the past and their surroundings. 


Ar. Manoj Kumar Kini, being an Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher, has developed an ability to address issues of urban development and architecture and urban conservation. He has worked on a number of projects related to architecture, urban design and conservation. He works on issues of urbanisation, Disaster Mitigation and Urban resilience, modernism, post-colonial Indian architecture and history, sustainable and cost effective building construction. He also mentioned that in the coming year, he plans to document such decorations that are found all over Kerala and the craft and craftsmen involved. Then, they plan to take it a step ahead by coming up with designs for weddings and other functions.