Call-sign VU2JN, Prof. Jayaraman's Academic Career

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Born in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu state of India in 1936 as the eldest of the four children of Rajaraman and Kalpakambal, Prof. R.Jayaraman grew up in the adjoining Kerala state where his father was employed. His education as well as professional career were rooted in the capital city of Kerala.

Jayaraman graduated in Civil Engineering in 1956 from CET and joined as a Lecturer in 1957. He also became Principal of the college in 1986 and in 1987 took charge as the Director of Technical Education, Kerala. He stepped into the portals of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum in 1952 as a young boy, not  knowing that, not only his student days but most of his professional career would be tied up with CET.

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Hi father Prof. S. Rajaraman was working as the Professor in Civil Engineering, and held charge as Principal during 1952-53.  In those days, the engineering students in India had to rely on British textbooks.  Prof. S. Rajaraman authored and brought out 10 books on various Engineering subjects, which became a boon for engineering students throughout India in the nineteen forties and fifties.

Jayaraman graduated in Civil Engineering in 1956 from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, and was awarded a gold medal for securing the first rank in the university (Travancore University, subsequently renamed as Kerala University). He also did post-graduate studies at CET, joining the first batch of the newly started Master’s degree course in Civil Engineering (Hydraulics branch) in 1959.  He completed the Master’s degree in 1960, and was awarded a gold medal for securing the first rank in the university. 

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He was greatly attracted to Amateur Radio — the unique hobby that enables a licensed radio amateur, often referred to as a ham, to set up an amateur wireless station and to have wireless contacts in authorized amateur frequency bands with similar stations located elsewhere in the world. Prior to the nineteen eighties, only a few of the graduates of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum became hams. It was during the period 1984-87 that the Trivandrum Engineering College Amateur Radio Club was set up with the call-sign VU2TEC. Jayaraman was the faculty in charge. And in January 2017, the Amateur Radio Society of India presented him a memento plaque in appreciation of the contributions to Amateur Radio in India.

Jayaraman has made profound technical contributions in the form of thesis, technical monographs, technical papers and even scientific models. In 1976, He functioned as the leader of a team of the faculty and students of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum that designed and fabricated a Model Planetarium of 10 metres diameter, capable of accommodating 120 viewers. It was a challenging project, but the team successfully completed it in less than 2 months. 

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He is survived by wife Kamala who now lives in their home in Trivandrum. They have a son Anantharaman (the eldest) — who too graduated in Civil Engineering from the CET in 1984 — and two daughters, Geetha and Radha (the youngest).  All the three are married and settled outside Kerala. Reading books, Astronomy and Star gazing, Gardening, Music, Photography, Ham Radio and Computer assembly — all these had been hobbies at different periods in Prof. R. Jayaraman’s life.

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