5 Things That Make CET A True Stand Out

By admin Sep 18, 2019 - 16:28

Two days ago, I happened to come across the website of a renowned magazine which gave the list of top 100 engineering colleges in India. Expecting the first 50 of them to consist of the IITS & NITS, I nonchalantly scrolled down the list and to my surprise, made a remarkable discovery. My college has been placed in 47th position, thus making me restore my belief in CET that it is an institution to be proud of; worth much more than just studying engineering.
Thus, this trivial, but significant incident, has resulted in me writing down about several things to expect from my college and I’m going to narrow it down to 5 things or aspects about CET that sets it at a class apart compared to other colleges and institutions.

College of Engineering, best known as CET, is a technical institution, with a sprawling 45 hectare campus, with plenty of viridity around; situated about 15 kms from the heart of Trivandrum City, Kerala. Known for its expansive campus and environmentally harmonic surroundings which makes it different from other engineering colleges in Kerala, CET campus is the home for various other institutions like IISER Institute functioning in the Computer Science & Engineering department of CET, the headquarters of the A.P.J Abdul Kalam University (They took the most posh and infra-structurally beautiful building of CET; the MBA block, which I kind of regret a lot…). Therefore, campus -wise, CET has an edge over other Institutes, for being the largest campus in the status, just after NIT Calicut.

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This might sound like I’m bragging, but CET has given our society top researchers, scientists, educationists, bureaucrats and even filmmakers & artists. From former ISRO chairman, Shri. G. Madhavan Nair to the young and vibrant Malayalam Filmmaker Basil Joseph, the list is endless. Google for more information if this fact seems incredulous. After all, the college motto is “Karma Jyayohya Karmanah” (action is superior to inaction), which CET has been following since its inception and it intertwines the legacy and old-age charms and ethics CET has been carrying in its air for the last 77 years. No other institute can offer this quality, and that seems to be what every CETian loves about this college. History, majesty, legacy and a sense of belonging are invisibly written on the dusty walls of our college which can only be witnessed if you fall in love with CET. So, CET sets a different standard when it comes to the case of campus and ambiance as opposed to other colleges which are trying really hard to reach that level.

Number three: Academically, CET offers various opportunities, simply because this is the place where toppers come to pursue and only merit holds importance, not financial strength or contacts. It is here one can realize his or her true potential, with teachers who are truly well aware of the role young students play in shaping the future of society and can even understand the real purpose of his or her life. With a technical library which hoards a tons of books and journals I have personally seen and been amused, the education here makes us self-sufficient and independent. Rather than teachers giving us spoon-feeding in the form of capsule notes and local books, students learn how to learn new things themselves, with wings on their back to stride through every challenges that come across in the process of learning. No wonder majority of CETians end up being either rank holders of GATE, CAT and/or Civil Service Exams and get placed in top multinational companies. This is one huge factor that has attracted many students to join this college and thus has even encouraged them to fare better in the Kerala entrance examination.

Before moving on to the 4th thing that makes CET different from other college, let me confess to all the readers that I don’t feel guilty to blow my own trumpet, as I consider my college equivalent to my life right now, and part of which I’m proud to have become. CET is the ultimate provider of freedom. Yes people, F-R-E-E-D-O-M. Spell it. For those who want their first taste of independence, CET is the best place. From the evening walk through the panchaarakadu (sugar grove), to the right to explore Trivandrum as a whole and the proximity to all the cafes and stationary stores, has made my college the most convenient and progressive campus to explore without any hint of alarm, peril and oppression in his or her mind. The lush green trees, which can be metaphorically seen as decorations adorned on our path to self-making and empowerment without any restrictions. CET therefore serves as a source of inspiration and influence for all those who want to live their lives in their own way, thus making itself a different breed of institution which offers creativity, science and free thinking space to evolve and nurture the future generation of people who would excel in all fields.

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Atlast, to the last of the 5 which make CET very different from others, is the campus politics and students-initiated activities. Literally, students give life to CET with their novel ideas and conduct events, activities and fests, take a variety of initiatives and ventures for making CET life full of hues and zeal, which make our college campus live and exuberant throughout the year. For instance, CETALKS is an online radio website exclusively planned and brilliantly executed by a group of students of CET, which shows their role in actually making CET a place where students get to pitch in their ideas, whatever it maybe, and act upon it. Being a government institution, students get a platform to voice their dissent and opinions against any issue and subject that concerns the student community as a whole, which no other college can provide; in the form of open forum, strikes and so on. CET is one among the few engineering colleges which have student political organizations thriving on campus, thus deciding the functioning of the college and when it comes to choosing the student union, our campus becomes a miniature version of a constituency where elections are held every year with leading student political organizations vying with each other to get the major portion of the votes that every CETian can cast. Despite the minus effects of campus politics that we are all aware of (mudslinging at each other, negative propaganda, disruption of unity and harmony among the students, etc), politics does become necessary for us students to be aware of the rights we have as citizens, to be aware of the Indian political scenario and how our democratic society functions and hence these political organizations in our campus give a platform for representing the students, their voice and opinions and also demand their rights. With a vibrant political culture, CET has also been the Alma Mater of various political figures and bureaucrats, thus also giving rise to future game-changers who are currently studying in CET as students.

Words are just not enough to describe how big a world CET is; My college is. What makes it different from other colleges is that here, a student can actually realize their true potential, follow their true passion and strive hard to reach success that they mean to achieve. CET offers a plethora of options both academically and otherwise, for us. It is up to every CETian to open those doors of chances and find their true calling. Aesthetically, artistically and academically, CET is one technical institution which serves as a haven of opportunities.

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Never the least thing to say, CET brings true memories of what it is like to be a college-goer; Even after graduation is done, for every CETian, I’m sure it will.

Written by:

Gopika Maniprasad
(2019 EC Batch)