Driving Change - Nissan CIO Tony Thomas

By admin Oct 16, 2019 - 18:26

“The car of the future is a data center on wheels,” says CET Alumnus and Nissan CIO Tony Thomas (1991 EEE batch).
This very fact opens up an avenue of opportunities for innovation. The list includes features such as automatic lane centering, and even the ability to find vacant parking spaces and park itself. 

With information technology driving unprecedented transformative change in the automobile industry as well as the world in general, Shri Tony Thomas has rightly noted that successful digital leadership is at the intersection of mechanical and digital. The key is to focus attention on the existing business insights, coupled with fresh customer focused digital skills that will enable the expansion of various boundaries.

When he arrived at the company in the fall of 2017 having already held CIO roles at Vodafone India and General Electric, the organization was unprepared for the agility that the new dynamics of its industry demanded. He then initiated a ‘skills survey’ that resulted in individual development plans for each employee. He also spearheaded a drive to integrate existing development centers and add new ones to provide the skills and act as change agents within the system. The first such center opened its doors in Trivandrum last December and is already providing remarkable results.

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His love and vision for the region, impacted the company’s decision to choose India’s growing tech hub in Trivandrum, Kerala as the site for the first centre. Imagine the magnitude of change that could take place if each one of us decided to dedicate our efforts for the betterment of the region and people and around us!!

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Image source: https://www.automotiveit.com/nissan-opens-first-global-digital-hub-in-india/5739.article