Go Kart or Go Home! - Team EXCELERATORS

By admin Oct 18, 2019 - 15:24

Team Excelerators is the official, home grown Go-Karting Team of College of Engineering Trivandrum. This is their story, one that speaks of determination, creativity and pure passion!

The first step towards creating a team for participating in this category of events, was the recruitment. In 2018 a recruitment was done and a team of 20 was formed. Before each of their events, an informative session is conducted by FMAE; which was attended by the team members at Hyderabad. As the next step the different systems were decided upon. The engine that was chosen was Bajaj Discover 125 cc ST engine. The brake system and steering system taken were disc brake system and simple spindle system respectively. Then a timeline was prepared to finish the kart within a short period of one month. 

Every team member was given enough practice on simple fabrication processes like cutting, grinding, welding and drilling. The material used for building the chassis was AISI 4130 seamless tubes and the chassis was completed in a very short period of one week. 

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The solidworks model was first created inorder to obtain the profile for the easy cutting of pipe. We had created a plan of the frame and printed it on flex. The type of welding used was TIG. After building the chassis, the different components of steering system, brake system etc. were procured. The engine was bought and its circuit and working was studied and mounted in the chassis using suitable adaptations. 

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After the systems were assembled, there was a thorough check done to identify faults that would cause a problem during the technical inspection. The kart was ready after a herculean effort by team members which meant burning the midnight lamp very often. 

FMAE or Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers is a private company that conducts many design events. FKDC or Formula Kart Design Challenge is one such event which was conducted at ‘Kari Motors Speedway’, Coimbatore in October 2019. This event consisted of various tests and presentations whose evaluations are done by FMAE officials. The aim of the event is to help students develop various skills like technical expertise, problem analysis and solving. In addition the student learns a procedural method for fault identification and rectification.  

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The event gave hands on exposure to all the team members on how theory should be applied in practice. The other things learnt were the need to cost optimise and to fabricate many more components in the college facility itself. The team is proud to clear the technical inspection in the first chance itself and at the same time understands the need for more planning and efficiency.

Submitted by: Team Excelerators