CET's Homegrown Novelist, John A Raju

By admin Jan 15, 2020 - 14:52

Perhaps we are all unlikely writers. Who can say with any certainty how, where, or why they have been visited by the creative impulse? There's nothing easy about being an author and this is the story of CET’s very own Novelist, John A Raju (2015 ME).

After a successful stint at a leading firm in Bangalore, John decided to put in text a story that is so gripping and completely unpredictable yet satisfying, about a struggling author who delves deeper into a murky past through the pages of his diary to unravel the mystery surrounding his father’s death. 

Deeply inspired by 100s of books that John read throughout his time at CET, and constantly motivated by his hostel mates, he took up the challenge to pursue his true passion. He fondly remembers how the CET College Magazine Editorial Team relentlessly prompted and stimulated him to pen down his thoughts, whether it be a poem or even a one-liner. As an alumnus of an institution that has churned out many of our society’s most intellectual as well as influential people, he is only happy to be on the list of the creative tribe of CET.

John’s message to aspiring writers is as simple as A B C. Write for yourself. The world pays for passion but offers no security to the bold; so stick to your goals. Above all else, pursue happiness through your skills. And keeping in sync with his engineering background, he reminds us all that our endeavours will only be smoother if we equip ourselves with a back-up plan first. Write not for your audience but to make the world a better place, with your very own story.