CETAAT Christmas and New Year Meet-up

By admin Jan 22, 2020 - 13:35

We’ve crossed another merry Christmas and we’ve said farewell to another year, welcoming 2020 into our lives with hope and faith. On January 19, 2020, a get together was held for the CETAA Trivandrum Chapter at Hotel Prashant. A fabulous evening together with friends like family, like any other get together, this one too had it’s special moments. Kickstarting with a prayer song, this musical evening saw many musical renditions that the audience swayed to. A karaoke set was arranged for the singers of the group to come forward and mesmerize those present at the event. The families of the CETAAT members have always shown an ardent interest during our events. Cultural programmes presented by the family members were showcased during the evening. It is yet another great sign that this community is one that enhances a sense of belongingness. 

Shri. P Balakrishnan Nair from the 1972 batch of Mechanical Engineering was honoured by our alumnus and former ISRO Chairman, Dr G Madhavan Nair for receiving the Dr. M Visvesaraya Award for 2019. It has truly been a great honour for the alumni of CET to be associated with this brilliant individual. His paper on ‘Technology Strategy for Improved Safety Management in the Steel Industry’ has been very well-received by The Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) .The prize-winning paper will be published in the Technical Volume of 34th Indian Engineering. Our alumnus, Dr. G Madhavan Nair, Former ISRO Chairman, honoured Shri. P Balakrishnan Nair for his incredible achievement, during this event. 

    With a scrumptious spread of dinner, great conversations and melodious music, the event culminated with all the members hoping to meet again. Bidding adieu, only to meet again, another memory is created to be cherished forever!