Ar. Unnimaya Prasad wins Malayalee hearts through her cool cop role in 'Anjaam Paathira'

By admin Jan 31, 2020 - 14:35

Another CETian, who set foot into the Malayalam film industry 8 years ago, became popular through her breakout role as a tough cop in the well-received investigative thriller ‘Anjam Pathira”’. 

Mrs. Unnimaya Prasad, who received praise for her portrayal of a no-nonsense police officer in the recently released movie ’Anjaam Pathira’, is an alumnus of CET. She belongs to the 2010 batch of Architecture in CET. Born in Palluruthi, Kochi, Kerala, where she grew up till the age of 17, she shifted to Thiruvananthapuram where she studied Bachelor of Architecture from our own CET, followed by higher studies from Manipal Institute of Technology. 

Before her groundbreaking role as DCP Catherine Maria, she was known as a frequent collaborator as an actor and assistant director with her writer-director husband Syam Pushkaran, who is known for penning stories and screenplays which have become trendsetters in Malayalam Cinema. 

She debuted in 2013 in the movie "5 Sundarikal", playing the role of a schoolteacher in the segment directed by Shyju Khalid. She became known as an actor through her role of Sara in the movie "Maheshinte Prathikaram", which was written by Syam Pushkaran. "Anjaam Pathira" showcased her talent as an actor in a fully-fledged role, thus giving her the big movie break. Apart from her film profession, she is also an architect, currently working for Pramod Pardhan's Sankalp Architects.