Team Herakles at SAE Baja 2020

By admin Mar 19, 2020 - 15:42

Team Herakles Baja Racing participated in SAE Baja 2020 held at Chitkara University, Punjab. Their vehicle had many advanced technical features like cageless differential gearbox and cutting brake, which made it one of the best vehicles to be showcased in the event. They cleared all the technical evaluations and was qualified to run the endurance race, the major and the ending bout, during which the bevel gears in the differential gearbox gave up, costing them the victory at the event.

Team Herakles    Team Herakles

The team is one of the few racing teams under SAE CET affiliated to the Society of Automobile Engineers India (SAE India). Bringing the vehicle on track would have been impossible without the wholehearted support of the alumni, who mentored them and played a crucial role in transferring the technical knowledge and financial help.

The team will be kicking off their work for the next vehicle, taking the previous one as a learning experience. We wish Team Herakles and the students under SAE CET for success in the upcoming events.

Team Herakles

The fellow CETians are requested to help the team design and fabricate a hard-wearing vehicle. Alumni who are interested in supporting the team can comment below.

Special mention to the following sponsors who supported this project

1. Muthoot Pappachan Group, Muthoot India
2. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
3. Alethea Communications Pvt. ltd
4. MindPetal Software Solutions, Inc