Sreejit Srinivas receives The World Architecture Community Awards

By admin May 5, 2020 - 13:51

The World Architecture Community Awards (WA Awards) recognizes remarkable projects that have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse. Winning this coveted award is the architecture firm - Sreejit Srinivas - Architects, which was founded by Ar. Srijit Srinivas, an alumnus of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum of the 1999 Arch. batch. Sreejith Srinivas - Architects believe in delivering designs that add timeless value. Their belief in simplicity as the core of their design excellence is what keeps clients content. The Brickhaus, Keralam, India is the project under the award category ‘Realised’ that landed Sreejit Srinivas - Architects this grand honour. Congratulations to Ar. Srijit Srinivas and his team of talented architects for achieving this honourable recognition!

The World Architecture Community Awards