CETA UAE to support the Gulf Malayalees suffering due to the COVID spread

By admin May 5, 2020 - 15:21

CETA UAE has initiated a drive to support the Gulf Malayalees suffering due to the COVID spread. The following message is conveyed through the CETA UAE group. Already we got AED20,000 in 1 hour and will be transferred as 1st installment to meet the immediate requirements of food, shelter, etc.

As you are all aware, this is a very trying period for the entire world. Individuals, Families, Communities, States, and Nations across the globe are struggling to meet the challenges. In this connection, we believe all CETA members and your families are doing well and also interacting with each other and your friends and communities. If any CETian particularly those on visit visas has any problems in health, food or accommodation, please feel free to contact any one of us.

You might have noticed that in recent days, the spread of COVID 19 is on the rise in UAE also, in spite of the most stringent and speedy measures taken by UAE Government and Authorities. Some of the Indian social organizations have also joined Authorities in offering help and assistance to reach the needy and struggling among the Indian community. Ours being a vibrant group with a strong presence in the social fabric of UAE, a thought has originated as to shouldn't we also become a part of this humanitarian drive to offer some comfort and relief to our needy brothers and sisters? As there are restrictions on us to take up this task directly our option is to support CDA approved organizations like KMCC, who is already making a very diligent and commendable effort. As we had a chance to make an interaction with KMCC Officials, it is understood that currently about 4000 people are under quarantine in facilities organized by KMCC and still there is a requirement of medical supplies, food, accommodation, etc.

Let us also join hands in this Universal race against COVID-19. Let us all keep those affected in our thoughts and be part of this initiative, BY OFFERING OUR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE NEEDY.

For more information, please contact or message anyone of the following;
Rajesh B Nair - 1979 batch
Unnikrishnan R - 1985 batch
Jayaraj J - 1993 batch
Cibu Mathew -1994 batch

with Satheesh Kumar