Remembering the first Principal of CET

By admin Jun 19, 2020 - 14:16

Maj T.H Mathewman, a Britisher was the first Principal of College of Engineering Trivandrum, started as constituent College of Travancore University, the College has an initial intake of 21 students each for Degree and Diploma courses in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical branches.

He took charge during the tense moments in the college at the time of Second World War, which threatened to infiltrate the Indian subcontinent.

According to an excerpt from M. Mangalabhanu, a student of the first batch of the college, “The threat of Japanese air attack on the mainland of India was looming large during our third year in the alma mater. The Principal (Professor T.H. Mathewman) ordered that the students shall dig their own trenches (either to bury themselves or to escape in case of a raid). These were to be made in the shady areas in the shape of an elongated ‘W’…Pickaxes, shovels, mammaty forks and baskets were galore from the University Students Labour Corps of which Principal Sri. Mathewman was the head,”

Let us take this moment to remember Prof. T.H. Mathewman who took the lead to start our prestigious college that defines who we are now.