Objective of this Initiative

By admin Apr 5, 2019 - 10:59

CET being one of the oldest colleges in Kerala has generated a good number of successful engineers. The total alumni strength of CET is believed to be around 45000 taken from the year in the which the college was constituted.

Now, CET alumni is in the forefront in taking up different career roles such as engineer, technocrats, architects, CXOs, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and much more. Having such powerful alumni spread across the globe presses the need for a strong alumni network where alumni can work together to different sets of value proposition across different segments. This requires a collaborative effort in identifying and reaching out to all the alumni systematically.

We are a team of passionate CET alumni spread across the world who are trying to go after this ambitious goal of compiling the database of all CET alumni who are alive. We have a team of volunteers across the world who are supporting this initiative. This is an initiative supported by FlockForge Solutions, a startup founded by CET alumni Anoop John (2001) and Tarun Udayaraj (2014).

This initiative would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of a lot of passionate CET alumni who have been helping us in reaching out to other CET alumni and helping spread the message and collect this information. We also rely on key contacts for the different batches and years who have been compiling information about their batches and adding them to the database.

The idea is to drive value proposition across all the age groups in order to motivate them to engage with the community.  

Through the association with FlockForge, we plan to provide the following to support to the community.

Build Database: Using our collaborative database building tools, we can build the database around different campaigns. Having an updated database would give us an idea about how the alumni is spread across different regions. This will allow us to plan reunions and organise events more effectively.

Aggregated services and products: We will negotiate with businesses in the market to provide discounts to alumni for services and products and make these available to premium subscribers of the system. These could be financial, travel, real estate, online services or any service where we can generate volume discounts. We will become a loyalty program provider for alumni. Such value propositions should give alumni a commercial reason to be a paying member of the association.

Alumni store: The alumni goods market worldwide is pegged at $32 billion. Alumni specific goods such as branded T-shirts, cups, bags and other related goods can be sold through our alumni store which is an E-commerce module integrated to our platform.

Alumni magazines & Coffee table books: A centralized publishing house will help associations run alumni magazines and coffee table books without having to worry about the long cycles associated with them.

Career services: One of the perceivable values that alumni could get from a community of similar professionals is in career development and advancement. We will tap into the referral job market by creating and formalizing systems to channel referrals through to companies and in the process help alumni get jobs / change jobs and help generate revenue for us as a company and a share of which will go to the alumni association as well.


If you would like to volunteer in this initiative do reach out to either Anoop John or Tarun Udayaraj or use the contact form on this website.