Campaign to Identify CET Alumni in California

By admin Apr 5, 2019 - 11:03

California is considered as one of the hotspot destination for higher studies and jobs by Indians. The city holds a good number of CET alumni who have settled with their family, pursuing their higher studies, doing business and working in reputed companies.

Through this campaign we are targeting our alumni residing in California. We request you to submit your details in the given form. You may also fill in the details of you batchmates using the form below.

This is initiative aims to build the database of CET alumni residing in across the global with an objective to form strong networking to benefit the community at large. The initiative would help CETians to identify their batchmates, organise reunions, drive career oriented assistance and much more.

If you don’t see your batch information below, you may contact Anoop John ( or Tarun Udayaraj (

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CET Alumni in California

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